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Automatic Can Seamer


Can Making Machine - HY-A8HE / A8HE-B Automatic Can Seaming Machine is quality designed for can making production, it is constructed with 8 seaming heads and provides high double seaming capacity of 800 cans per minute in maximum. The machine integrates many safety devices ensuring positive and safe double seaming operation during high speed running. The frequency inverter is available for variable speed running. Can size changeover is easily and quickly accomplished.

Number of Heads 8H 8H
Can Diameter Range 202 - 301D (52-74mm) 202 - 301D (52-74mm)
Can Height Range 70 - 180 mm 70 - 180 mm
Max. Capacity 720 - 800 cpm 600 - 650 cpm
Horsepower 10 HP (7.5KW) 10 HP (7.5KW)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2027 x 1587 x 1981 mm 2027 x 1587 x 1981 mm
Can Feed Height 900 mm 900 mm
Can Discharge Height 900 mm 900 mm
Net Weight (Approx.) 2350 kgs 2350 kgs
  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Max. capacity depends on can size and material.